Dr Daphne Soares

Business, Leadership, NLP and TimeLine Therapy Coach


  • Starts 07 Mar 2023
  • Time 7.00 PM IST
  • Duration 45 Minutes

Dr Daphne Soares

Business, Leadership, NLP and TimeLine Therapy Coach

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Topic : Business Blueprint

Date : 07 Mar 2023

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Daphne  Soares  is  the  CEO  and  Founder  of  Carousel  Moms Business and Leadership Coaching.

Daphne has be ranked #7 among the Top 30 Business Coaches for 2022 by The NYC Journal and is also ranked among the Top 10 Female Coaches in 2021 by Yahoo Finance. She is the Guinness World Records, Award Winning International Bestselling Author. She is also a co-author. The Host of DDD - Dive Deep with Daphne Podcast on Magnetic FM Radio - I Heart Radio.

Besides being a Business, Leadership, NLP and Time Line Therapy Coach, Daphne is an International Speaker and Mentor. She has gone from a career woman with a 9 - 5 job, to a Homemaker, Coordinator in the community, a Masters' Catechist, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.

She has been working as a certified Coaching Professional who specialises in helping people cope with their Mindset, Business and Leadership issues. She coaches her clients in a way that utilises both their heads and their hearts. She first learned about coaching when she hit a roadblock in her own life and was struggling to move past it. The techniques she developed were so successful that friends and family began asking me for help with their own challenges. This motivated her to turn my newfound passion into a full-time career.

Daphne takes pride in seeing the success of her clients. She is passionate in helping to Empower Women globally especially Moms to find a right balance in their own carousels of life, create a thriving business without feeling overwhelmed. Set SMART goals, build great rapport with your teams and clients for business success, live a happy and balanced life, overcome limiting beliefs and set healthy boundaries both at home and in the workplace.

She loves to continue her ongoing education in Coaching, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Meta Dynamics and Disruptive Leadership. She  is  certified  from the USA with Distinction, Australia, India, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and is  a  member  of the ICF,  ICG, GCA and the International Focolare Movement.

Daphne has conducted a number of international workshops independently and also in collaboration with international organisations across the globe.She has also been an international guest speaker at numerous events. She has also been featured internationally in a couple of newspapers, channels and magazines. To name a few, AB News India, RVA TV Pakistan, The New York Journal, Yahoo Finance, Times of London, Thrive Global, Disrupt, Asia News, Big News Network, India Herald etc.

She has received a number of recognitions and awards from Malaysia, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Palestine, Philippines and Pakistan. Daphne is an amazingly versatile woman whose commendable work is an epitome for other women to look upto as an inspiration with vast experience. She is a Woman of great Empowerment.

Daphne  believes: 

"The  Power  is  within  you!  Break  FREE  from  what  is  holding  you  back"

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