Lilja Gunnarsdottir

PCC Coach and EMCC Team Coach


  • Starts 26 Feb 2023
  • Time 7 PM IST
  • Duration 45 Minutes

Lilja Gunnarsdottir

PCC Coach and EMCC Team Coach

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Topic : Team Coaching & Trust

Date : 26 Feb 2023

Trainer Bio

Lilja is an PCC certified Coach, Team Coach ICF and EMCC certified, MSc in

Business Administration and Strategy; and holds a diploma in Public

Administration. To maintain and improve her knowledge, Lilja has attended

numerous courses and conferences, mainly related to coaching, team coaching,

Lean, quality management, process management and everything else that

contributes to improving life and existence, whether at work or in life.

Lilja works as a specialist, project manager and team coach at the City of

Reykjavík as well as being a self-employed coach and team coach. Her main

projects over the years have been related to quality managemet, process

management, human resources and wages, finance and risk assessment, as

well as having taught computer and accounting courses and self-improving

courses based on coaching.

Lilja is the former chairman (2018-2020) and treasurer (2017-2018) of ICF


Lilja's main pleasure in life is spending time with family and friends, going to

theaters, concerts and art exhibitions, walking and dancing.

Motto: Good can always be improved.

Session Outcome