Luminita Luca

Mindset Coach


  • Starts 17 Feb 2023
  • Time 7pm IST
  • Duration 45 Minutes

Luminita Luca

Mindset Coach

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Topic : Self Actualization

Date : 17 Feb 2023

Trainer Bio

  • Luminita Luca, CEO of SIGILLUX™, Affluence Advisor, Author and Entrepreneur, personal and professional leader in self development, dedicated to support and restructure the foundations of corporations to double their revenue in one year through seminars , books, and coaching programs.
  • President of Manifestation Magazine™, dedicated to uplift, motivate and inspire a luxurious lifestyle, an abundant mindset with tools to achieve success in every area of life.
  • Founder of Global Manifestation Event ,to support Orphanages in Romania, developing ways to rebuild and construct new facilities to house the orphans and street children, educate them of their true identity and power.
  • "Alignment of thought, desire ,speech and action is key to success" - Luminita Luca
  • My philosophy of success is simple:

To believe is to See

To see is to Have

To have is to Ask

To ask is to Receive

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