Roxani Oikonomou

Microexpressions Trainer, Tedx Speaker, Public Speaking Coach


  • Starts 22 Feb 2023
  • Time 7PM IST
  • Duration 45 Minutes

Roxani Oikonomou

Microexpressions Trainer, Tedx Speaker, Public Speaking Coach

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Topic : How Effective Listening Can Make You A Great Leader. Are You Really Listening?

Date : 22 Feb 2023

Trainer Bio

  • Roxani Oikonomou, is a Microexpressions Trainer and a Body language Consultant for companies’ Sales forces and public speakers internationally.

    She is an inspirational speaker and presenter, that has been participating in Megasymposium 2, Megasymposium 3 and to more seminars respectively in Greece and abroad.

    The thematic theme that she deals with the development of effective communication through non-verbal methods and approaches.

    She is  a warm believer of the power of Active Listening.

    She says :“The secret weapon to Leadership”.

    It's been 2 years since  and now on the way to the third, as a member at TEDxSwansea, Wales in England, where she provides Body Language Consulting to the TEDxSpeakers on how to move on th ered carpet, their body gesturing and in general how to express their TEDxTalk  to global audiences.

    At the same time, Roxani is an active Executive in Tourism industry for over 20 years.


    And at the last 10 years, she has been a Sales and Communication Manager at a 4-star Hotel in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

    As a Sales and Communicator ,she feels the need and the value of  transmitting a message effectively.

    Parallel to that managing multifaceted situations is a part of her daily  work routine.

    She has her own channel on YOU TUBE, “The School of Body Language in Public Speakingwith live seminars for Leadership, webinars for job Interview , educational video content about public speaking in two languages Greek and English.
    Also, she is interviewing people from Greece and abroad , experts in Career Guidance or Personal development Coaches  and  Professionals from Tourism sector.
    With her private  Greek Face book group BODY LANGUAGE AND MICRO-EXPRESSIONS, she communicates her love for effective communication, with the main goal of people to deeper level of communication, deeper level of connection.

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